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Dharmana Krishna Das: నా తమ్ముడి కోసం నా ప్రాణం ఇస్తా

Dharmana Krishna Das: I will give my life for my younger brother

Former Deputy CM, Srikakulam District YCP President Dharmana Krishnadas made sensational comments. He said that there was a lot of fun going on in the district. His younger brother Dharmana Prasadarao gave him the Narasannapeta he had won and moved to Srikakulam. Prasadarao was hailed as a man who brought honor to his family. The original Tamiddar questioned why the riots were going on. The media was asked to ignore the words spoken by the frivolous Yadavs. Dharmana Krishnadas commented that he would also give his life if needed for his younger brother. The seat he won in this state is nowhere to be found given to another member of his family .. but his younger brother Prasad Rao praised that he did that.

Dharmana Krishnadas commented that they will work together under Minister Dharmana Prasadarao to win all the 8 seats in the district. Many effective leaders claim to be in their party. He said that he got the post of Deputy CM by accident .. Jagan said that he took the post due to compulsion. He said that he had no hopes for positions. If he did not have positions, he would wash cows and buffaloes in the village and farm. Suggested that the party cadre should thwart false propaganda. Prasadarao said he was ready to do whatever he was told. Opposition parties are dying for themselves .. Eddewa said that even though Janasena and TDP helped BJP in Atmakur, the deposits did not come. Itte understands that the opposition in the AP is not strong. Chandrababu was confused by Matri .. He said that his mental condition was not right.

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