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Delhi: దేశ రాజధానిలో ఎయిడ్స్ రోగుల ఆందోళన

Delhi: Concern of AIDS patients in national capital

AIDS patients are causing serious concern in the national capital. Antiretroviral drugs that prevent AIDS have been in short supply for the past few months. Due to this, patients are facing serious problems. With this, protest programs were taken up in front of the office of the National AIDS Control Organization in Delhi. Medicines needed by HIV patients to protect them from the virus have not been available in Delhi and neighboring states for the past 5 months. Due to this, the patients are expressing their protest. The patients complain that no matter how many letters they wrote to the state government, there was no result. Officials say that medicines are not in stock. If this is the case, how can India be made an HIV-free country? Patients are asking.

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Even if the HIV disease is not completely cured, with anti-retro viral drugs, the virus load in the body does not increase.. these drugs help the patients to live a healthy life. Antiretroviral drugs prevent the HIV virus in the body from increasing its population. As a result, patients can live longer. But HIV patients are worried due to non-availability of these drugs.


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