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Delhi: దేశ రాజధానిని కుదిపేసిన వడగళ్ల వాన

Delhi: A hailstorm that shook the national capital

The country’s capital was shaken by hail. Heavy winds and hailstorms lashed the country’s capital. The trees collapsed with heavy winds. City life was paralyzed by heavy rain. Vehicles were stuck in traffic for hours. Many died in the wind and rain terror. Vehicles were damaged due to falling trees in many places. The Meteorological Department has revealed that 2018 will be the most impactful rainy season since. The winds were blowing at a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour.

A 50-year-old man from the Jama Masjid area of ​​Delhi has died after falling from a balcony in a hailstorm. A 65-year-old man has died due to rain in North Delhi area. According to Delhi Police, 294 calls were received across Delhi till 8 pm.

Police rescued three people, including a child, when a car got stuck under a tree due to hail in the Kabutar market area. The Jama Masjid Middle Dome, a popular mosque, was damaged by torrential rains in the evening. Authorities took emergency measures to save people from trouble caused by the rain.


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