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Dammai Guda Case: 15 ఏళ్ల నాటి పగ.. తండ్రిని చంపిన వాడిని ఖతం చేసిన కొడుకు

Dammai Guda Case: 15-year-old revenge.. Son killed father's killer

15 years old grudge.. everyone forgot it.. but the son didn’t forget.. he planned to kill the killers who killed his father anyway. He worked hard for this and became a real estate businessman. He earned a few crores of money. He hunted for the murderers who framed his father. Eventually the killers were found. But instead of killing himself, he was killed by someone else. Rs. 30 lakhs was given by Sufari gang. Karnataka supari gang came to Hyderabad and killed and left with Rs.30 lakhs. Earlier, the police considered this incident as a murder related to real estate. As the real matter came to light during the police investigation, the Suffari gang along with the killers were arrested.

A realtor was brutally murdered with knives..hunting knives..they took care without any evidence. Despite a large-scale search with CCTV footage, the police did not catch the accused anywhere. Moreover, without any evidence, the accused took full precautions. The realtor was killed with a side plan by taking utmost care. However, the Rachakonda police solved the mystery of the murder case in five days. The accused were put in handcuffs and brought before the law.

On 15th of this month, unidentified persons attacked realtor Raghupathi alias Raghu and his friend Prasad with knives and hunting knives at a wine shop in Dammaiguda under Jawaharnagar Police Station. Raghupathi died on the spot in this incident. The Jawahar Nagar police registered a case and started investigation. The police focused on the technical evidence. As the CCTV footage did not yield much results, the police focused on human intelligence. Malkajigiri SWOT and Jawaharnagar crime teams entered the field. Police have taken out the background of previous cases against Raghupathi. Police are focusing on past cases and opponents. In this order.. in 2009, the police found that Raghupathi had a key role in the murder of a person named Jangareddy who was the sub-sarpanch of Dammaiguda. Raghupati’s murder case is finally a mystery. Srikanth Reddy has admitted that he killed Mari Raghupathi by giving Rs.30 lakh to Supari Gong from Karnataka. He told the police that he had given the supari to his father’s friend Manjunatha from Karnataka. As part of the deal, Manjunath brought a gang from Karnataka and killed Raghupathi.

Manjunatha, who agreed to kill Raghupati, brought Bhavit, Mohammed Sadhik, Ismail and Sameer Khan to the city. Rekki was laid for three days to kill Raghupati. On the 15th of this month, Raghupathi, his friends Prasad, Babu and Ramanujan were drinking alcohol at a wine bar in Dammaiguda when they were attacked with knives and hunting knives. Raghupathi, who was seriously injured in this incident, was rushed to the hospital and the doctors confirmed that he died. Prasad is recovering from minor injuries. Immediately after the murder, Srikanth Reddy received Rs. The Karnataka gang who took 30 lakhs fled from there. Gong fled after throwing the deadly weapons in the bushes near Keesara. Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat disclosed that the real estate trader’s murder case was registered within five days. CP explained that all the accused have been arrested. It is said that the accused have been remanded.


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