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COVID 19: దేశంలో కొత్తగా 16,906 కరోనా కేసులు.. పెరిగిన మరణాలు

COVID 19: 16,906 new corona cases in the country.. Increased deaths

The number of corona cases in the country is gradually increasing to more than 15 thousand. Corona cases are gradually increasing in all the states of the country. Most of the cases are registered in the states of Maharashtra, Bengal, Kerala and Karnataka. Governments are warning that the corona epidemic is not completely gone. Even in Telangana, more than 500 cases are registered every day, which is worrying.

Recently, 16,906 new cases were registered in the country in the last 24 hours. The death toll has increased dramatically. In 24 hours, 45 people died due to the epidemic. Currently there are 1,32,457 active cases in the country. The positivity rate fell below 4. A relief is that the positivity rate has dropped. Currently the daily positivity rate is 3.68. 15,447 people have recovered from Corona in the past day. Till now 5,25,519 deaths have occurred in the country due to Corona. The number of people who have recovered from Corona is 4,30,11,874. So far 1,99,12,79,010 doses of vaccine have been given to those who are eligible. Vaccine was given to 11,15,068 people on Tuesday. A total of 4,59,302 corona tests were conducted across the country yesterday.

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Meanwhile, the number of corona cases is increasing all over the world. In America, 68,000 children have been affected by Corona within a week. Yesterday, 95,342 people were affected by covid in America and 254 people lost their lives. The number of corona cases worldwide has reached 56,28,51,812. A total of 63,76,619 people died.


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