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Congress Party: ఏపీసీసీ చీఫ్‌గా కిరణ్‌కుమార్‌రెడ్డి?

Congress Party: Kiran Kumar Reddy as APCC chief?

Former joint Andhra Pradesh CM Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy has received a call from the Congress leadership. He was asked to take over the party presidency in the AP. He suggested that the Congress should work hard to bring prestige to the party. Shailajanath, who is currently the APCC chief, is not as active and Raghuveer Reddy, a former APCC chief, has distanced himself from politics, raising doubts as to whether there is a Congress party in the AP.

Adimulapu Suresh: Unexpected developments in AP after August 15

It is learned that former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy is already meeting several leaders during his visit to Delhi. He is expected to make a statement on whether or not he will take over the presidency of the Congress. In the past, Kiran Kumar Reddy has made it clear that he is not interested in the post of PCC chief. He accused the present governments of ignoring the cultivation and drinking water projects introduced when he was the chief minister. But it remains to be seen what decision Kiran Kumar Reddy will take in the run-up to the elections in the next two years. It is learned that Kiran Kumar Reddy’s brother Nallari Kishore Kumar Reddy is currently in the TDP.


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