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CM KCR Today Speech: బీజేపీని చీల్చిచెండాడిన సీఎం కేసీఆర్‌

CM KCR Today Speech: CM KCR who tore apart BJP

CM KCR reacts on BJP national executive meeting. In that meeting, BJP was criticized as a national party. Prime Minister Modi did not answer even one of the 9 questions asked by him. They are fired that BJP is oppressing the country. They complained that they have not done anything for Telangana, they have no goods, no matter, no subject, nothing. They demanded to know why the value of rupee fell to 80. What has BJP done in 8 years? He said that he should say what he has achieved in which field.

Shame on you for providing such inefficient administration. “You cannot give electricity to the country. They don’t even have the intelligence to give good water. Now I am asking the same questions asked by Modi as CM of Gujarat. BJP does not have the necessary vision for the future of the country. He spoke like he liked. They gave political speeches and left. Unemployment is at an all time high. What about the loss of millions of jobs every year? Will Hyderabad be selected for the national executive meetings?

Is it your culture to come here and scold the government here? Did you achieve by throwing stones in a box? BJP has destroyed the country with its stupidity. I have never seen such an inefficient government. Isn’t it true that there is a shortage of good water in the national capital? Is 20 percent of the progress in Telangana in BJP ruled states? Daddamma policies are central government. Modi has not done a single good thing. Your worst power policy has left the national capital itself in darkness.

BJP wants a double engine government. The party should be commended for this. We will bring down the BJP at the centre. BJP should go at the center and TRS government should come. BJP’s national executive meetings have disappointed the people of the country. Horrible scandals took place during BJP rule. One person came from Uttar Pradesh wearing a lungi. We should listen to his speech. BJP’s pride has increased. Following unhealthy practices. Is the Supreme Court too big to count?

Do you troll that the Supreme Court has crossed the Lakshmana line? Saluting the Supreme Court bench that rejected Nupur Sharma’s comments. Currently, undeclared emergency is running in our country. Indira Gandhi declared Emergency. Telangana has lost 3 lakh crores due to the ineffective policies of the central government. Is BJP leader Laxman smart enough to talk about Kattappa? BJP’s eyes are bloodshot. No respect for judiciary. What can’t BJP do? Kattappa Kakarakaya comes and what do they cook in Telangana?. What do you want the country to do?

Failed in all areas. Union Minister Piyush Goyal insulted the people of Telangana. BJP will be permanent at the centre. Are prominent journalists portrayed as Naxalites? Will Eknath Shinde boast that he will come? Aren’t you a democracy killer? Where does your frenzy, your madness go? Do you have predictions on national and international markets? I said do not obstruct the developing states in the country. Any development in the country is the development of the country, isn’t it? Good word but not respected.

Thinking evil thoughts. By God’s grace the rains are falling well. We are completing the pending projects. BJP cannot afford to buy growing crops. Will that party be able to give Rythu Bandhu? In Telangana, all the communities are being pitted against each other. Do we need a BJP that is not yours? To get current cuts? Why do we need BJP? Bank robbery is a big scam. Does Modi know what is happening? Can you catch the bank robbers? How much is your share in NPAs Modi?

Do not give current subsidy to farmers? There was also a bank robbery in Monnimadhya. Will Modi resign for this? Will Nirmala Sitharaman resign? Did you bring in one of the bank robbers? The country has enough coal reserves for a hundred years. But why are you forced to buy from outside? This is the biggest scandal. We will bend your necks and conduct an investigation,’ CM KCR snapped.


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