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CM KCR: మరో వారం వరకూ భారీ వర్షాలు.. బీ అలర్ట్

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CM KCR wants people to be alert for another week in Telangana. People should avoid unnecessary travel. Be vigilant and practice self-defense. There is a risk of heavy flooding in the tributaries of Godavari. Employees should not leave the head quarters. CM KCR said that the flow of Godavari will rise again tomorrow. He said that with the current rains, there is a danger that the Godavari river will become high from tomorrow afternoon.

These heavy rains are likely to continue in the first week of August. They want to take armed action in Ramannagudem…Eturunagaram…Bhadrachalam. They want to prepare two helicopters. In addition to the helicopter in the state capital, there should be two more helicopters. Officers were instructed to keep one in Mulugu and one in Kothagudem ready. Flood relief teams including NDRF should be made available. CM KCR wants to leave the flood as it came.

CM KCR wants to lift the gates of the projects and let down the flood from Godavari. How much water is coming in inflow should be released through outflow. Software for early prediction of flood situation. CM KCR wants to use the flood forecasting and management system specially designed by the irrigation department. CM KCR wants to use the method of recording and analyzing the flood situation based on satellite.

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