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CM Jagan Mohan Reddy: నాది ప్రచార ఆర్భాటం కాదు.. వరద బాధితులకు న్యాయం చేస్తాం

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy: This is not a campaign slogan.. We will give justice to the flood victims

CM Jagan is visiting the flood affected areas of Ambedkar Konaseema district. On this occasion, CM Jagan visited the flood victims from house to house in Ganti Pedapudi Lanka village of P.Gannavaram mandal of Konaseema district. CM Jagan said that all the flood victims will be provided with financial assistance. The officials were directed to ensure that no flood victim received help. He said that the necessary bridge construction will be undertaken for Ganti Pedapudi Lanka village. In relation to natural calamities in any season, compensation will be provided in that season. Actions will be taken so that the cattle do not face any hardship. CM Jagan promised to set up a secretariat in the village. When the villagers asked for another village clinic in Ganti Pedapudi, CM Jagan approved it.

Well looked after in relief camps? CM Jagan himself asked the flood victims how many marks they can give to the collector. As part of the visit, the CM visited the family of Nakka Vijayalakshmi and picked up their 8-month-old baby. At that time, Babu Jagan took a pen from his pocket.. and gave his pen as a gift to the CM. CM Jagan said that during the Godavari floods, we stood by all the victims. He said that if he had come here during the floods, the officials would have surrounded him.. then it would not have been good for the people, so he gave a week’s time to the officials and came later. If you want to do good for the people, Jagan needs to keep dramas aside.. The CM wants to do this. He said that he is happy when the victims say that they have received government help.

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Jagan said that his is not a campaign slogan. But what is the benefit of that? The chief minister wants to run the systems. He wants to see good things happen to the people. They want to ensure that they get the right help at the right time. After that, they want to check whether it has been received or not. Similarly, officials should be directed to perform their duties effectively. He said that adequate resources should also be provided to them. That’s why he gave a week’s time to the officials for the relief works and programs without any problem, Jagan said. CM Jagan said that estimates of flood damage are continuing. They will help everyone when they get it. He promised to do justice to all.


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