China-India: మరోసారి చైనా దుర్బుద్ధి.. పాక్ ఉగ్రవాదికి యూఎన్ లో మద్దతు


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China-India: China seduces once again .. UN support for Pak terrorist

Dragon Country China will be thinking of how to fit India in if given the chance. Once again he expressed his opposition to India. The United Nations has knelt before recognizing a Pakistani terrorist as an international terrorist. China, with its veto power, has blocked a proposal by India and the US to identify Abdul Rehman McKee, a Pakistani terrorist under the ISIS and Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee, as a ‘global terrorist’ at the UN Security Council.

Abdul Rehman Makki, Chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba Terrorist Organization, mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai blasts At the last minute, China blocked proposals by the UNO 1267 ISIS and the Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee to identify McKee as a global terrorist. China has been supportive of Pakistan in the past as well. Many terrorists do not agree to be identified as global terrorists. The process is hampered by the veto power of the UN permanent members.

China has done the same in the past in the case of Pakistani militant Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azar. However, after four attempts, Masood Azhar was identified as a global terrorist. He was instrumental in the 2016 attack on the Pathankot airbase and the Pulwama attack. Previously, in 2010, the US Treasury declared McKee a global terrorist. This banned McKee from conducting any transactions in the US. The U.S. Department of State Rewards for Justice McKee has announced a $ 2 million reward for information leading to McKee’s death. Abdul Rehman McKee is currently playing a key role in Lashkar-e-Toiba, a foreign terrorist organization, fundraising.



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