Chandrababu: పోలవరం నిర్వాసితుల సమస్యలు పరిష్కరించాలి.. సీఎస్‌కు లేఖ రాసిన చంద్రబాబు


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Chandrababu: The problems of Polavaram residents should be solved.. Chandrababu wrote a letter to CS

Chandrababu writes letter to cs sameer sharma: TDP chief Chandrababu has written a letter to CS Sameer Sharma asking him to help the people who are suffering from Godavari floods and the residents of Polavaram. In his letter, Chandrababu stated that flood victims in four districts are suffering a lot due to Godavari floods. He said that there is a need to increase government assistance. Chandrababu requested that all the promises made by the government to the residents who were given land for the Polavaram project should be fulfilled. Godavari floods have destroyed thousands of families. Chandrababu explained that there was huge damage due to the collapse and sinking of many houses. He said that the affected people have not received proper help from the government. The people of the flooded villages are still in dire conditions where they cannot go back to their homes.

In his letter, Chandrababu reminded that the TDP government had increased the compensation during Hood Hood in 2014 and Titli cyclone in 2018. Compared to 8 years ago, the prices have increased, considering the severity of the floods and the damage done, they want to increase it more. He said that compensation should be given to Godavari flood victims.. Houses collapsed due to floods and household goods were washed away by flood water causing financial loss. The affected people have suffered huge losses as their household goods were submerged in water. Chandrababu explained that the damage and difficulty has doubled due to the villages being flooded for a week. The State Govt announced Rs. 2,000 aid is not justified. He said that the input subsidy for paddy was increased to Rs. 15 thousand per hectare during the time of Hood Hood and given during the TDP regime. During the subsequent Titli cyclone, the compensation was again increased to Rs. It was given for 20 thousand. He said that the compensation for horticultural crops is Rs.15 thousand to Rs.20 thousand per hectare, Rs.30 thousand for banana and Rs.1500 for each coconut tree.

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Chandrababu revealed that the package was increased despite the financial difficulties due to the division of the state. The compensation should be increased again keeping in mind the severity of the increased prices, the hardships of Covid and the immense loss caused to the people in these 8 years. They demanded financial assistance of Rs.10 thousand to each affected family in the flood affected area. To give Rs.50 thousand for completely damaged houses.. To build a new house with Rs.2.50 lakhs.. For partially damaged houses Rs. 10 thousand.. For a completely damaged kacha house Rs. 25 thousand was requested to be provided. Input subsidy for rice should be at least Rs.25 thousand per hectare. They asked to give Rs. 50 thousand to Aqua Culture.. Rs. 10 lakh ex gratia to the dead person. They want to give Rs.40 thousand for a dead cow or buffalo.. They want to give free electricity for three months to the flood affected areas. Chandrababu said that the government should provide new meters. According to the Chief Minister of the state, an additional compensation of Rs.5 lakh per acre should be given for the land acquired for the Polavaram project. Under the R&R package, the government has announced Rs. 10 lakh to be given.. They demanded to set aside the system of phased compensation to the residents of Polavaram and give compensation to all at once. He said that it is the responsibility of the government to give justice to the displaced people who sacrificed their lands and villages for Polavaram.



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