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Chandra Babu: నాలుగంటే నాలుగే.. ఇదేనా జగన్ సర్కార్ వరద సాయం?

Chandra Babu: Four is four.. Is this Jagan Sarkar's flood aid?

Tdp chief chandrababu comments on helping to flood victims: The flood that came to Godavari river has left the people in trouble. Due to this flood, the condition of the people of the flooded villages of Polavaram has become indescribable. In this background, TDP chief Chandrababu satirized the Jagan government’s flood relief in his own way. Chandrababu accused that the government is playing tricks by giving four onions, four tomatoes and four potatoes. Four is four.. This is Jagan’s Sarkar’s flood aid, and the YCP government was criticized on Twitter.

Meanwhile, TDP chief Chandrababu accused CM Jagan of doing an aerial survey in the flood-affected areas recently. Chandrababu lashed out that if people were drowned in Peekallothu floods, Jagan would be flying around in a helicopter without getting mud on his feet. If CM Jagan returns to the wind, how will the flood of people be known? In this background, Chandrababu will visit the flood affected areas on 20th, 21st and 22nd of this month.

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On the other hand, TDLP deputy leader Nimmala Ramanaidu also accused the government of helping the flood victims. He criticized that the government is playing dramas on the issue of height of Polavaram when it is not able to provide relief to the people caught in Godavari floods. The new AP ministers have started a new drama along with Telangana friends on the Polavaram hill to mislead the people. He questioned why the agitation on the Polavaram hill which was not under TDP rule was done in the Jagan government. When KCR spoke in the Telangana Assembly on the Polavaram hill, he protested that the ministers of AP who did not respond at least, why are they responding now. Nimmala Ramanaidu fumed that the reason why AP and Telangana leaders are reacting to issues within the scope of central water power is to sidetrack public issues.


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