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Car Theft : కారు కనిపిస్తే ఖతం.. చోరులందు వీరు వేరయా..!

Car Theft: If you see a car, you will die.. Are they different among the thieves..!

Police arrested Cars Robbery Gang.

Expensive cars are their target.. Stealing parked cars and selling them in Telangana beyond the national capital.. This is the gang’s plan to share the profit. Cyberabad SOT police have seized the car. Three gang members from Hyderabad Bandlaguda and Attapur are selling cars even though they are stolen. A man named Mohammad Azhar Javeed studied up to Inter and was looking for a job. So he worked in a restaurant store in Qatar with the help of his sister. He did not like the work there and came back to Hyderabad. But after coming to Hyderabad, Javeed looked for a job.. Where did he find a job.. So he searched on OLX, thinking that he would get money by buying and selling second-hand cars. With this Javeed was introduced to Ghulam Nabi from Uttar Pradesh. As Javeed asked, Nabi sold the two vehicles in seconds at a low rate of Rs. 4 lakh. 2,70,000 as income. Because of this Nabi and Javed came into contact.

Ghulam Nabi sold 2 lakhs to Javeed saying that I have an expensive Fortuner car and will give it at the lowest rate. However, after asking for the NOC of the car and the documents related to the car, Ghulam Nabi did not get a proper answer. Ghulam Nabi thought that one day he should tell the truth. They said that I have sold the stolen car to you, they have planned to create fake NOC and car documents and sell it to someone else. He sold a 2 lakh Fortuner car for 6.5 lakhs.
Tens of stolen cars are being sold in Hyderabad through Nabi in Delhi, with the help of Javeed, Mohammad Zaheer and Aman Khan.

The gang deceives by selling the stolen cars from Delhi by saying that they have bought them in an auction conducted by the bank officials. It has been found that some people are cheating by not giving NOCs, and if they ask for documents, they give some answer and skip it, and if they press too much, they change the numbers. It has been found that those who bought from them are afraid of knowing that this is a stolen vehicle and what will happen if they tell the outside. As a result, Shamshabad SWOT in Cyberabad raided and arrested the three accused on the information received and the real truth came out. Cyberabad CP Stephen Ravindra said that 16 FIRs have been registered in Delhi. 15 cars were seized from these three accused. The police have seized Innova 2, Creta 4, Beleno 7 and Brija 2 cars.. They said that the four accused are also sharing in the income. Police said they are looking for the absconding key accused, Ghulam Nabi.


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