Bus Stuck in Flood: వరదల్లో చిక్కుకున్న స్కూల్ బస్సు.. స్థానికుల సాహసంతో విద్యార్థులు సేఫ్


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Bus Stuck in Flood: School bus stuck in flood.. Students are safe with the bravery of locals

Bus Stuck in Flood: Rains are pouring in Mahabubabad district. Due to heavy rains, streams and bends are overflowing.. ponds and ponds are overflowing. Kommulavancha Kothacheruvu of Narsimhulapeta mandal is also flowing heavily. A major accident was averted in this context. With heavy rain again.. the flood increased. Knee-high water is flowing from the road. The bus belonging to Aryabhatta School coming from Thorrur, who was not aware of this matter, was going along the same route with the students, and accidentally got stuck in the middle of Alugu.

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Due to the heavy flow of flood, the tire of the bus was bent due to not knowing the right way. The alert driver immediately stopped the bus there. Tried to pull the bus back to no avail. The children screamed in fear as they saw the flow that came till the tires were submerged. The locals who noticed immediately responded and brought the children to the shore immediately. The parents of the children heaved a sigh of relief as no one was harmed. Many said that the danger was narrowly avoided due to the bravery of the locals.



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