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BJP Vijayarama Rao: క్లౌడ్ బరస్ట్ కాదు కాబోయేది ఫ్యామిలీ బరస్ట్

BJP Vijayarama Rao: Not cloud burst but family burst

BJP leader and ex-minister Vijayarama Rao lashed out at CM KCR for unscientifically speaking of cloud burst in the context of the key developments that will take place in Telangana in the coming days. What happened is not a cloud burst, but KCR’s mind, his family is going to burst. Seeing the results of the survey, he remembers such cloud burst things. He is making such comments out of fear of how many days the post will last. Kaleswara was also looted for money. KCR feels that no one understands this matter.

He has been pushing for so many days with the strength of power and his eloquence. KCR decided to build the Kaleshwaram project saying that his family will not benefit at all if he wants to build the Tummidihetti project by spending 2 thousand crores. KCR did not listen even if he said that if this project is cut, the result will be less cost and more. He called himself a great engineer without considering the feasibility and financial aspects. KCR prevented him from conducting a survey on the issue of how much trouble would be faced if Pranahita’s backwater flow came.

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Baahubali motors are brought from abroad which BHEL cannot do. The motors were submerged in alluvial soil. Don’t even know if they can be repaired or not. Vijayarama Rao said that there has been a loss of 15 thousand crores due to this. KCR is the unforgivable crime. All the engineers in the construction of the project are retired. They did not say anything because they were being kept on contract basis. It cost Rs. 50 thousand to get water per acre to Gajwel. This water went only to KCR’s farm. Not even a single acre of water was given to others in 3 years.

He wanted to say why he spent lakhs of crores for a single farm. The Kaleshwaram project is a fantasy. KCR government is doing things for commissions and money. From Gajwel to Baswapur, the river waters were diverted for the lands of KCR family members. KCR criticizes everyone as Telangana traitors.. But the real traitor is KCR. Vijayarama Rao demanded the immediate resignation of the Chief Minister.

It is estimated that the fields have been submerged due to non-construction of embankments and the repair of Baahubali Motors will cost 600 crores. However, it is not known whether they will work or not. In the past, if crores of rupees were spent, water did not come. If KCR does not advance, President’s rule will be imposed. That is why BJP leader and former MLC Kapilawai Dilip Kumar said it would be good if the CM resigned. Yesterday, KCR had a quail hat on his scalp, but only a stick gun was missing in his hand. In the past, he said that Telangana should be stoned if it was cheated.. In KCR’s case, that time has come. BJP leader and former minister Ravindra Naik wants people to throw stones at him wherever he comes.

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