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Bandi Sanjay Face to Face: ఈడీని వాడుకోవాల్సిన అవసరం మాకులేదు

Bandi Sanjay Face to Face: We don't need to use ED

The third phase of Praja Sangrama Yatra is starting. TBJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar said that the BJP’s padayatra has received an unexpected response from the people. He explained the latest political developments in Telangana in NTV Face to Face. The trip will start from August 2 for 20 days. This march is not for election but to reassure the people. There is no one who cares about people’s sufferings. KCR is staying in the farm house itself.

As a responsible party we are doing the trip. Let’s give courage to the people, how many people have met the flood victims. CM KCR had to go as he said that he would go on a visit to the Governor. In the past, KCR did not care if water came to Pragati Bhavan. There were floods in Warangal and Hyderabad. Many families have lost. But KCR did not care. KCR should say what the center has given, you have given, what you have used. The state government should give a report.

They want to hand over five villages to Telangana. Telangana movement was one way at the time.. Now they are acting differently. They are afraid to talk about ED. ED is heard in the mind of KCR’s family. Earned to fit generations. They have the concept of double engine means Modi and ED. We are not in a position to use ED illegally. We will fight through court. Congress is concerned. Modi and Amit Shah have faced ED investigation in the past. KCR should fight corruption in Telangana. Bandi Sanjay says I did not say that ED will come. What do I do if they are afraid of ED? Bandi Sanjay said that Congress and TRS will contest together, if the investigation on KCR’s corruption starts tomorrow, both parties will fight together.

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We have filed many applications under RTI. What happened to the investigation on the suicides of inter students? See the difference between the affidavits given by each MLA in 2014 and the affidavits given in 2018. How did you earn so much? It is said that ED has come because the center is in power. If I call I don’t get ED. Write a letter to ED not to investigate me. They have not done anything wrong, they are honest people, let them write the letter. Bandi Sanjay said that BJP is defaming me, can Minister KTR ask me not to investigate me. There is no smoke without fire. I made allegations about Globarina organization. If there is no connection, they demanded to tell what happened to the investigation. Bandi Sanjay wants to reveal the facts about the case of 27 students. Ministers and CM should be responsible.

Bandi Sanjay was furious on the allegations that BJP TRS colluded. Congress and TRS will fight together. They worked together in the presidential election. If Revanth Reddy goes to the ED office and complains, will he come? He said that the Congress is planning to escape the thieves. National executive meetings are given to each state and we were given the opportunity. It is self-confidence to say that we will come to power. We will come to power in Telangana under the leadership of Modi. Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy is ready to end the family rule.

I don’t know whether he will join the party or not. No opposition to Bandi Sanjay. Excluding Minister Srinivas is a party affair. Don’t make comments on such people. What is wrong between us? We worked together. Ask Naddagari and tell him who is the CM. He said that it is not a party that decides individual positions. We do not have factions. We are all working together. We are making committees and deciding everything. How are so many programs going on? Ours is the saffron flag. We have the same agenda. Bandi Sanjay questioned why TRS did not support an ST girl child as President.


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