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Bandi Sanjay: రాష్ట్రంలో రాక్షస, నయా నిజాం పాలన కొనసాగుతోంది.

Bandi Sanjay: Demon, Naya Nizam rule continues in the state.

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay has criticized the demonic, neo-Nizam rule in Telangana. He was speaking on the occasion of Sama Venkat Reddy and Navata Reddy joining the BJP from the TRS party. Activists have no place in the TRS, which claims to be a party of activists. He said the BJP was working to bend the necks of the government.

Contrary to water, funds and appointments, the state chief minister will continue to rule. BJP is a party of activists. KCR, which pays allowances to the unemployed, gives him five jobs at home and earns Rs. 15 lakh salary .. Allegedly not paying salaries to employees in the state. He criticized the Chief Minister for going ahead with a poor strategy team.

He said that Telangana has been turned into a state of debt. TRS party employees, students and women have been rejected. With Hyderabad becoming a hideout for the mafia, companies are afraid to come to the state. Women have no protection. Peace and security in the state has deteriorated. The police are unable to provide protection, said Sanjay.

The CM was accused of closing his eyes and provoking the separatists. He suggested that Telangana should assess the harsh treatment meted out to separatists in the BJP-ruled state. He alleged that the Center was diverting funds and KCR was discrediting the Center to prevent Modi from getting a good name. They demanded that the BJP be given power once for welfare rule in Telangana. KCR has promised to give jobs to all the unemployed who have been outsourced.


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