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Bandi Sanjay: జోగులాంబ అమ్మవారిని కించపరిచావ్.. కరీంనగర్ గతే పడుతుంది

Bandi Sanjay: Humiliate Jogulamba Ammavari..Karimnagar will be lost

Telangana BJP state president Bandi Sanjay expressed his anger on CM KCR saying that when the days are near, the words will come like this. If Jogulamba came to the level of cursing and sarcasm, he questioned why this politics. He was advised to sleep in a farm house. He demanded an apology from the Hindu community, otherwise the fate of Karimnagar will be met with. He criticized the country’s Prime Minister as an uncultured Hindu.

In Telangana, if minor girls are being raped, they criticized her as a powerless grandmother who cannot be caught. He said that criminals are afraid to come out of jail in UP. He criticized the TRS and MIM party leaders for committing rapes, murders and seizures together. Eddewa said that he held this press meet to divert the attention of the people who know that people will ask what is Istanbul, London and Singapore in the background of rains. He said that the Chief Minister of Karnataka is going wherever there is a flood.. KCR is not coming out of the farm house. KCR was criticized for talking about brandies and brands all over the country.

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He criticized that even if people commit suicide, rape, employees and farmers commit suicide, they do not come out. He said that Modi is as different from KCR as a fox is from Nagaloka. If you work 18 hours a day… you don’t come out of farm houses, criticized KCR. Kalvakuntla’s family has become arrogant.. They are saying that they will throw away the power, he asked how much arrogance. He expressed his anger that the government has gone astray.. People will take you and your family away.


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