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Balineni Srinivas Reddy: వారిపై పరువునష్టం దావా వేస్తా

Balineni Srinivas Reddy: Will a defamation suit be filed against them

There were reports that the minister would resign if he did not resign. I denied it today. Former minister Balineni Srinivasareddy has warned that he will file a defamation suit against those who wrote such things against us. The posts are given as per the idea of ​​the CM. I have never fought for the ministry. As of today, 24 people have resigned. The minister said it would be up to anyone to feel a little out of place.

Nothing more. I am a member of the Vyassar family. He also wrote that if I gave it to the original Suresh, I would have lost. Suresh, I worked in that cabinet together. The two were managed by different branches. He never interfered unnecessarily in the party. The two will work together for the development of the party, said Balineni. Although some of the Maoists have resigned, we will take them all back. The CM said he would fulfill any responsibilities.

Atchannaidu: BC ministers were made puppets

CM is coming to a meeting in Ongole on the 23rd. Discussed about it. Everyone in the new cabinet is in power. Priority was given to BCs and SCs. The party is like family. I’m going to want it all to blend together. Now there is no need for anyone to suffer if they do not step down. Not all positions come at once. “Let’s welcome the newcomers together for the rest of the week,” Balineni said. News came that he was mobilized and appeased.


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