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Aviation Accidents: విమానయానం అంటే భయపడుతున్నారు.. ఒక్క నెలలోనే 9 మిడ్ – ఎయిర్ ప్రమాదాలు

Aviation Accidents: Aviation is feared.. 9 mid-air accidents in one month

Aviation is becoming crowded. Will the plane we board reach our destinations safely..? There are suspicions. A total of 9 mid-air accidents took place in a single month. The flights made an emergency landing due to technical problems while in the sky. These nine accidents took place between July 5 and July 21. These accidents call into question the safety of passengers. Apart from domestic flights, international flights have also been affected by accidents. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is already investigating these accidents and passenger safety.

On July 21, an Air India Dubai-Cochin flight was diverted to Mumbai due to a technical glitch. The pilot made an emergency landing after detecting the decrease in air pressure in the plane. Boeing 787 flight number AI-934 was involved in the accident.

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On July 20, a GoFirst flight from Delhi to Guwahati was diverted to Jaipur due to technical reasons. A 320neo’s windshield exploded mid-air. On July 19, two flights belonging to the same Go First company made an emergency landing. The GoAir A320 VTWGA flight from Mumbai to Leh was diverted to Delhi due to a technical fault in engine number 2. Another GoAir A320WJ flight from Srinagar to Delhi was also diverted to Srinagar airport due to a technical fault in engine number 2.

On July 17, an IndiGo flight coming from Sharjah to Hyderabad made an emergency landing at Pakistan’s Karachi airport due to a technical problem. On July 16, an Air India Express flight from Calicut to Dubai landed in Muscat, the capital of Oman, after smelling a burning smell. On July 15, Air India Express Bahrain – Kochi flight had to land in Kochi after a bird was seen in the cockpit. On July 14, the Delhi-Vadodara flight of IndiGo made an emergency landing in Jaipur due to vibrations. On July 5, a Spice Jet flight from Delhi to Dubai made an emergency landing in Karachi after the indicator light did not work.


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