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Atchannaidu: వైసీపీ ప్రభుత్వంలో బీసీ మంత్రులు నోరులేని మూగజీవులు


State TDP president Achennaidu has released a chargesheet in the AP alleging 1,116 irregularities over the three-year rule of the YCP government. Achennai alleged that three years have passed since the beginning of the destructive and evil rule in the AP. Reverse tendering has pushed the AP into decline. BC ministers were rumored to be mouthless dumb creatures. Achennaidu challenged the YCP leaders that he would step down from politics if he could prove that he had benefited one of the corporations.

Achennai criticized the Konaseema riots as a program sponsored by CM Jagan. The minister questioned what the police were doing if the houses of the MLAs were on fire. Jagan said he would be appalled if it was proved that he did not say that he would implement absolute alcoholism in the AP. Eddewa said people would laugh if they were told that they had gone to Davos and made a deal with Greenco, which was cobbled together in the AP. Responding to YCP MLC Duvvada Srinivas’ comments on him, Achennaidu said that dogs bark a lot and he does not have to answer to all of them.

YCP MLC Duvvada Srinivas: Will become a member of the suicide squad for Jagan

On the other hand, Achennai also gave a counter to Speaker Tammineni Sitaram, who commented that Mahanadu was a vulture. Sitaram should be ready .. People are ready to send him to Vallakadu. Tammineni, who is in a constitutional position and speaks inappropriately, said he was ashamed to be a resident of their district. Tammineni Sitaram, a four-time TDP MLA, said it was wrong to say this.

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