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Assembly Seats Increase: రాజకీయ పార్టీల ఆశలపై నీళ్లు.. అసెంబ్లీ సీట్ల పెంపుపై కేంద్రం క్లారిటీ

Assembly Seats Increase: Water on hopes of political parties.. Center clarity on increase of assembly seats

Central Government Clarity on Increase of Assembly Constituencies in Telugu States: There is no increase in assembly constituencies in Telugu states. The political parties felt that the assembly constituencies in the Telugu states would increase as per the bifurcation act. But the Central Parliament has given clarity on all these. Union Minister of State for Home Nithyanandarai gave a written reply to the question raised by BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao. He clarified that there is no increase in constituencies in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He said that constitutional amendment is necessary to increase the number of seats in the assembly.

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Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Shri. Answered by Nithyananda Roy. Section 26 (1) of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 provides that subject to the provisions contained in Article 170 of the Constitution and without prejudice to (subject to) Section 15 of the Reorganization Act, the number of seats in the Legislative Assembly shall be increased from 175 and 119 to 225 and 153 respectively in the newly formed States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Meanwhile, according to Article 170 of the Constitution, the minister stated that the number of seats in each state assembly should not be readjusted after the year 2026 until the publication of the first census. The Minister clarified in his reply that the number of seats in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states cannot be increased until Article 170 of the Constitution is amended in accordance with the Partition Act.

This decision is like pouring water on the hopes of the political party. The ruling parties felt that if the assembly seats in the state were increased, they would be able to strengthen themselves politically and provide opportunities to those who joined the party. But as the Center has made it clear that the Assembly seats will not increase till 2026, it remains to be seen how the governments in the Telugu states will move forward.


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