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Air India: ఎయిరిండియా ఫ్లైట్ లో సాంకేతిక లోపం.. ముంబైలో ఎమర్జెన్సీ ల్యాండింగ్

Air India: Technical error in Air India flight.. Emergency landing in Mumbai

Air India Flight Emergency Landing: Recently, several flights belonging to Indian airlines have experienced technical problems. While in the sky, technical problems are coming. Due to this, flights are being diverted to nearby airports. Recently domestic flights as well as international flights also faced technical problems. Recently, Air India’s Boeing fleet B 787, flight number AI-934, encountered a technical problem while coming from Dubai to Cochin. There were pressurization problems in the plane. The flight was diverted to Mumbai airport. Sources in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) revealed that two senior officials are investigating the incident. It seems that the plane was diverted to Mumbai as the plane’s pressure dropped as it was in the sky and the filet reported immediately. Cabin depressurization problems can lead to serious accidents during flight.

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Meanwhile, in recent times, many planes are facing similar technical problems. In the past two days, three Go First flights have encountered technical problems. Last Sunday, two international flights made an emergency landing due to technical problems. An IndiGo flight coming from Sharjah to Hyderabad made an emergency landing at Pakistan’s Karachi Jinnah International Airport due to a technical fault. On the same day, the Air India flight from Calicut to Dubai landed in Muscat, Oman due to technical problems.


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