Agneepath Scheme: సికింద్రాబాద్ ఎఫెక్ట్.. అన్ని రైల్వేస్టేషన్‌లకు భారీ భద్రత


Agneepath Scheme: Secunderabad Effect .. Huge security for all railway stations

Tensions have risen as protesters set fire to trains and stalls at the Secunderabad railway station on the issue of the Agneepath scheme. Against this backdrop, the police opened fire on the protesters. The situation in both of these shootings appears to have been toxic. Authorities have beefed up security at all railway stations as per the Centre’s orders due to the tense incidents at the Secunderabad railway station.

Police have set up heavy security at the Nampally railway station in Hyderabad. Police are patrolling the platforms along with the main gate of Nampally railway station. The Nizamabad railway station in Telangana was also hit by the Agneepath scheme. Nizamabad Railway Police has also set up heavy security at the railway station as it is on alert. With the deployment of railways and civil police, there was an atmosphere of tension among the passengers. Authorities at Vijayawada railway station in AP have issued a high alert in the wake of the unrest at the railway stations. Those coming to the station are being thoroughly examined by the police.



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